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What are Advanced Elixirs?

Those are special Elixirs. By using them you have the opportunity to assign a safety and permanent + on Weapons,Armor and Accessory. For every model you can get a corresponding elixir like you know it from normal elixirs. Thus Weapon, Shield, Protector and Accessory. Nevertheless you are able to use them only once, they are disabled afterwards.

There are two types of Advanced Elixirs:

- Advanced A
- Advanced B

With Advanced A the Item gets +1,with Advanced B analogous +2.

They stay on the Item permanently even if it fails later on. They neither have influence on Luck Rate nor they interfere later pimping. Attention should be paid to the fact that you can work without Immortal and Steady Stones until +7 since the + of the Advanced Elixir doesn't matter.

The Advanced Elixirs are always denoted with its corresponding Degree. For each Item you need the Advanced Elixirs Degree of the Item though its compatible downwards.

For clarification:

I got an Item with Degree 5, which I want to furnish with an Advanced Elixirs. Therefore I require and Advanced Elixir Degree 5 or higher. You are unable to pimp an Item with a lower degree Advanced Elixir.

There is no 100% chance to get an Advanced Elixir out of normal Items if they get destroyed. Please note that there is no normal Advanced B Elixir in iSro.

There always results an Advanced A Elixir when destroying SOX Items no matter which blues or which +. There are requirements for (receiving) an Advanced B Elixir increasing the chance to get it.

How do I produce Advanced Elixirs?

You receive an Advanced Elixir when destroying Items. The Degree of the Advanced Elixir is always 1 Degree higher than the Items Degree you just destroyed. Videlicet after destroying an Item Degree 4 you will receive an Item Degree 5.

Normal Advanced Elixirs

Therefore you need a normal Item which you want to be destroyed. This Item at least needs to be +5 with a few blues. That should lead to a normal Advanced A. So destroy the Item and hope receiving one.


These Elixirs are able to be used on SOX Items only though it doesn't matter if the SOX Item you want to pimp is Nova, Moon or Sun. These Seald Advanced Elixirs can only be produced out of SOX Items. Destroyed SOX Items always yield in A Elixirs no matter what the + or blues are.

The chance to get a B Elixirs can be raised as follows:
- The Item should be at least +7 or higher
- The Item should be Full Blue (all Blues on 100%,maximum Lucky and Steady amount included)

Just as a hint there is no 100% chance to get a B Elixir.It bases on happenstance, the data highers the chance only. The only chance to get an Advanced B by 100% leads you to destroy a Sun Item. In this case Plus and Blues doesn't matter.

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