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Game Guide | ISRO Classic

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iSRO Quest Guides Tutorials HowTo - Alchemy

The alchemysytem is really difficult for new players and zhere still a lot of questions. We hope this guide will you help out.

Elixir Alchemy

Lets begin with the simple Alchemy of elixir on iSRO. There are 4 different kinds of elixir.

- Weapon Elixirs

you are able to + your weapons with this elixir and this will make your weapon stronger

- Protector Elixirs

you are able to + your clothes with this elixir and this will make your defense higher

- Accessory Elixirs

you are able to + your accessories with this elixir and this will make your absorption of damage higher

- Shield Elixirs

you are able to + your shield with this elixir and this will make your defense higher

Lucky Powder

The powder increases your successchance to + your items. The use of Lcuky powder is highly recommended. You get lucky powder in every town at the "grocery trader". Dont forget you need the same lvl of powder like your itemdegree.

For example: A shield from the 5th degree needs lucky powder lvl 5.

To improve your item with elixir

To improve upon your items is really simple. First u have to open the alchemy window with using "z-button". The next step you have to do is choosing “Strengthening”. Then you have to put in the window your item then the elixir and the lucky powder. If you did that you can click on “Strenghten”. Success it will glow white if it failed it will glow dark.

You can put more than one elixir on your item. With every success your item will increase of one + more.

Example: Five succeed elixir your item will be +5

Attention! The more your item is + the more your chance of success will drop.If the improvement has failed your weapon will drop from each + to 0.

For example: Your weapon is +3 and the improvement to +4 failed your item get +0.

In the itemmall you can buy astral stones.Using this stones with an item you drop, if the improvement failed, to +4 and the astral stone is gone.Important to use astral stones you need immortal stones.Immortal stones are buyable on the itemmall too.Another effect otf immortal stones is that your item cant destroy over +5.

- +5

Improving items over +5 is risky because the items can destroy or the durability get lowered.To prevent them you can buy immortal stones or collecting steady stones which u can use with your items (immortal on items = item cant destroy/steady on items your item cant get lowered durability). Remember this regarded only for items over +5.

Magic Stone Alchemy

You find magic tablets by killing monsters.To change tabletts into stones you need "Alchemy Materials" which u find by killing monsters too.

Alchemy Materials

Every monster(till 11 degree) on isro are able to drop 3 different and astoundingly kinds of alchemy material. From these materials you get elements(earth, fire, water, wind).

Example: A Mangyang will drop the following Alchemy Items:
- Broken cleaver
- Sassi Charm
- Straw

Let your mousecursor roam over the material and you will see which elements you will get and which lvl they are.

To extract elements form alchemy materials you have to buy Void Rondo from any grocery trader.Open the alchemy window("z-button") and click on "Disjoint". Put the alchemy material in the window and start “Disjoint all Slots“. The void rondo dont need to be placed, it will used up from your inventory on his own. Advice:Check your inventory places that u have enough free slots.

You also can get elements (till 11 degree) from items(accessories, clothes and weapons). Buy Destroyer Rondos from any grocery trader.Open the alchemy window("z-button") and choose "Dismantle". Put the item you want to destroy in the window and use the button "Dismantle". You will get an unnamed number of elements and stones in the same degree like the item you destroyed. The destroyer rondo dont need to be placed, it will used up from your inventory on his own.


The tablets, you need to make stones, you also find by killing monsters. There are 2 different kinds of tablets(ruby tablets which changes your statistics of your items and magic tabletts whcih grands new magic options on your items.

The tablets have also different level. Let your mousecursor roam over the tablet and you will see which and how much elements you need to create stones. The tablet and the element must have the same level.

In our >>Community<< you can find a list from every tablet and stone.

After collecting everything you need to create stones open the alchemy window("z-button") choose "Manufacture" and put the tablet and the elements into the window. After this click on "Manufacture" and you get the stone.

Magische Steine

- Using the stone

If you want to use the stone with an item open the alchemy window("z-button") and choose “Strengthening”. Put the item in the window and also the stone you want. Then use the button "Strengthen" and hope it will success.

- Attribute Assimilation

Every stone has in the lower description a percentage of 0% 5% 10% 20% 30% or 35%. Attribute assimilation can unintentional change any statistic or magic option from your item. This may happen if you use a stone with 5% 10% 20% 30% or 35% with an item. The percentage is the probability that attribute assimiltaion can happen. Stones with 0% cant change any statistic or magic option until these one which the stone should change. Self createt stones have always 10%, 20% or 30%... Dropped ones have always 0%

iSRO specific

On this server we created magic cubes where you can stack your elixir until the max. limit. These cubes are buyable on the iMall or from other players who got thoose cubes. There are 4 different kinds of cubes, for every elixir one cube. The cubes have the same function like the elixir.

- Degree 12

Degree 12 items are not able to destroy. Also the monsters wont drop alchemy materials. Elements are buyable at the grocery trader. Stones and tablets are still droppable.

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