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Game Guide | ISRO Classic

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iSRO Quest Guides Tutorials HowTo - China

Chinese characters are good for the single play. You have greater variations than European chars and you dont even have the potiondelay, which is making them extremely resistance. There are no fixed classes, as in Europe Chars that are exclusively focused on physical or magical damage.


Chinese characters have 2 large skill trees between you can decide what you want to skill.

Weapon Skills

- Bicheon (Blade/Sword)
These skills can only be used with Blades or Swords as an active weapon.

- Heuksal (Glavie/Spear)
These skills can only be used with Glavies or Spears as an active weapon.

- Pacheon (Bow)
These skills can only be used with bows as an active weapon.

Generally, there are two things to note. There is a Masterylvl which shows the skill division and it's specifies. (as mentioned in the list) Some skills in this category can only be increased with SP when a particular Masterylvl is reached. Increasing the Masterylvls for a weapon automatically improves the attack value of each weapon at a certain percentage. This percentage is automatically the Masterylvl, e.g Masterylvl of Pacheon is at lv 30 so you would do 30% more damage when using a bow.

The Masterylvl can be increased with SP as every normal skill. "Normal" skills, ie those that can be learned in each category of weapons by upgrading them with SP. In case you learned some new skills you can get them by dragging and dropping in your Quick Bar and can get used by the 0-9. After upgrading a skill it is automatically changed in your Quick Bar.

„Magic“ Skills (Force)

- Cold Force Mastery

Here you are able to learn ice attacks. The Attack Skill may have the lowest damage value of all element spells, but it has the chance freeze the enemy and slow it down down. Which is a big plus for archers (Bow-built) In addition you can also learn passive skills to increase your physical defense.

- Lightning Force Mastery

Here you are able to learn electrical attacks. The Attack Skill may have the second highest value of all element spells, however you are able to reduce the opponent's defense by an "electric shock". These skills are a big plus for two handed weapons (Glavie / Spear-built). The passive skills can increase your magicical attack power and also increase the movingspeed of your character.

- Fire Force Mastery

Hiermit werden Feuerskills erlernt. Der Attackskill hiervon hat den größten Here you are able to learn fire skills. The Attack Skill has the greatest value of all element spells and are often used by a swordsmen (Blade / Sword), which almost makes up the low attack damage of this weapons. The passive skills increases your magical defense and also boost the defense of your shield.

- Force Power Mastery

Here are you able to learn healing skills. But beware, in this game there is no buffer, so no skills with that you could buff other players. There are a few exceptions. Self-healing HP and status recovery (totally useless, do not learn!). It also offers a RESS skill, ie one Ressurection skill, that can bring dead players back to life, so they do not have to teleport to the next city. This skill also gives "ressed" players a little amount of their lost EXP back. This skill should be learned at lvl20. All other skills are optional to learn, in case if you need them. In general, its not worth to spend much SP in these Force category.

Man kann, im Gegensatz zu den europäischen Chars, insgesamt drei Skilltrees ausbilden.
Üblicherweise wird ein Waffentree und zwei Forcetrees ausgebildet. Das kann jedoch nach Geschmack variiert werden.


One-Handed Weapon

- Blade
The blade has a higher physical attack value than its counterpart, the Sword.

- Sword
The Sword has a higher value than the magic attack counterpart, the blade.

- Schields
By using a one-handed weapon it is allowed to use a shield, which should be the same degree as the weapons.

Generally the Swords / Blades have the lowest attack values,but which compensate by using a shield.

Two handed weapons

- Glavie
The Glavie has the largest physical attack value and is preferred by PURE STR Built.

- Spear
The Spear has the greatest magic attack value and is preferred by PURE INT Builts.

- Bows
Bows have the second highest magic attack value (according to a Spear) and they also have a long reach so enemies get killed in advance.

Generally the use of a two handed weapon is the magical attack value. As higher this is, as more damage you do with skills.


With Chinese Chars the armor can be freely selected.
There is no required masterylevel (except the own player level) to equip them.

One can choose any one of these three armors

- Amor
- Protector
- Garment

The first two can get combined,while Garment can only get equipped as a set.

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