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Game Guide | ISRO Classic

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iSRO Quest Guides Tutorials HowTo - Euro

The stength of european chars is the party and teamplay. They are diffrent to chinese chars in points of Weapons,gears and masteries. European chars have a higher cooldown for potions, its 15 seconds.

The european chars are devided into 3 classes:

- Melee Mastery
- Caster Mastery
- Buffer Mastery

Melee Mastery

Thats the physical damage dealer . They have a lot of hp.
They have 2 different classes:

- Warrior
- Rogue

Caster Mastery

This are wizzards. They have a lot of mp and make very high dmg, but they havent a lot of hp,
which means they will die fast. You can choose between 2 masteries.:

- Wizard
- Warlock

Buffer Mastery

They are very helpful is a party for 8. They can heal, ressurect and they are very helpful for other player. You can also choose between 2 masteries:

- Bard
- Cleric


For every class theres more than one weapon you can choose, but you cant still use one weapon for everything.

The weapons for every class are;

Klasse Warrior: One-Hand-Sword, Two-Hand-Sword, Dual-Axe
                               (One-Hand-Sword with a Shield compilable)
class Rouge: Cross-Bow, Dagger
class Wizzard: Twohand-Staff
class Warlock: Warlock-Rod (with a shield compilable)
class Bard: Harp
class Cleric: Cleric Rod (with a shield compilable)

The weapons from the european class is only focused on physical or magical damage, unlike the chinese class where physical and magical damage is mixed . Thats why a warrior cant use a staff for his skills.


To wear european gears is unlike to wear chinese gear .
They are binded on the masterylvl you skilled
and not every class can wear every gear.

Heavy Amor: Warrior
Light Amor: Warrior, Rouge, Cleric
Robe: Wizzard, Warlock, Bard, Cleric

To get the best defense for your char, you have to choose between 3 classes of gear.

For example a Wizzard/Cleric can choose Robe or Light Amor.

iSRO Rules for all Players:

  1. Botting is not allowed, bot using players will be banned permanently! AFK Keypresser aswell!
    Your mainchar can get banned if you get caught with more than 3 botchars.
  2. Please respect our Team-Members! Orders must be obeyed!
  3. Be friendly to other players! Flaming and insultions are forbidden!
  4. Use of PK-Function (Murderer Status) while Events are not allowed!
  5. Begging for Items and Events are not allowed!
  6. Advertising for other Servers and Websites is strictly forbidden, aswell spamming via Globals!
  7. .pk2 Editing for character profit (Invisible-hack, ...) are not allowed!
  8. The use of bugs is not allowed!
  9. Using MBot while PVP is forbidden!
  10. iSRO is not responsible for items that are traded for real money outside the game!
  11. Trading gold, accounts or items for real money is not allowed on iSRO!
  12. Items that exceeded the maximum increase of 20 will be resetted and the player receive an additional warning.

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