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Overpowered? Not with us! Items limited to max +20

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iSRO Quest Guides Tutorials HowTo - Leveling


As in almost every single MMPORG and also in this game is earning EXP the standart to level up. After killing a monster or completing a quest you will gain a certain amount of EXP. The amount of EXP varies by LVL and monster strength. Also important in the so-called LVL Gap, which will be explained below.

SXP and SP

A special feature in this game is the skill system. This will be improved by using the SP (Skill Points). After killing a monster or completing a quest you will gain a certain amount of SXP. These are displayed on the EXP bar. When the SXP bar is full, you will gain 1 SP. This SP can be obstructed in skills. The skills that you be use cannot be improved by continuously using them,as it is in certain games, they can only be improved by upgrading them with SP. If you want to upgrade your skills you have to open the skill menu(press S) and select the desired skill.the required SP will be automatically deducted from your SP.

The EXP / SP rates are increased on our mainserver by 1x.

What should i do with the statpoints which i gained by lvling up? You will gain 3 statpoints after every single level up. Another special feature here represents the low stat-diversity. In Silkroad you can only increase 2 stats,as you may know from some other games where you can increase 6 or more stats.

- Strength (STR)
This stat increases physical defense / attack and your HP.

- Intelligence (INT)
This stat increases the magical defense / attack and your MP.

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iSRO Rules for all Players:

  1. Botting is not allowed, bot using players will be banned permanently! AFK Keypresser aswell!
    Your mainchar can get banned if you get caught with more than 3 botchars.
  2. Please respect our Team-Members! Orders must be obeyed!
  3. Be friendly to other players! Flaming and insultions are forbidden!
  4. Use of PK-Function (Murderer Status) while Events are not allowed!
  5. Begging for Items and Events are not allowed!
  6. Advertising for other Servers and Websites is strictly forbidden, aswell spamming via Globals!
  7. .pk2 Editing for character profit (Invisible-hack, ...) are not allowed!
  8. The use of bugs is not allowed!
  9. Using MBot while PVP is forbidden!
  10. iSRO is not responsible for items that are traded for real money outside the game!
  11. Trading gold, accounts or items for real money is not allowed on iSRO!
  12. Items that exceeded the maximum increase of 20 will be resetted and the player receive an additional warning.

Creating an account means that you understand, accept and follow these rules!

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