A forgotten legend
revived and strengthened

demolished the worst
focused the best.

~ That's ISRO Classic ~


Left as originally defined. Levelcap = Skillcap = Degree
Max. Level 75 | Max. Skill Level 75 | Max. Degree 8D


Gain 80 iPoints each week for your activity. Start collecting

Incredible Events
Every Day

No Bots

No Lagg

Free iPoints



Since 2010

Up to 22x faster leveling than in comparable games

5x more Items + Bonus-Areas with Extra-Drop

Finally a decent pay for Traders (2x more)

Overpowered? Not with us! Items limited to max +20

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Incredible SRO Stats | ISRO Classic

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Here you find all Incredible SRO stats, such as server stats, player ranking, job distribution and much more

Unique Spawns

No unique spawned yet

Unique Kills

No unique kill yet

Jangan Fortress

Guild GhosTz
Master Invoker_
Tax 20%

Hotan Fortress

Guild MortalKombat
Master Tidus
Tax 20%

Bandit Fortress

Tax 0%

Top Guilds

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Top 10 Most Active Players

  Rank Char Name Activity Points

Top 10 Trader

  1 *fodosemo Lv2
  1 *GoldMaker Lv3
  2 *SilkEx Lv2
  2 *tr_tr Lv2
  3 *taredt Lv2
  3 *BunnyMoon Lv2
  4 *Melon Lv1
  4 *hulu Lv1
  5 *SmallCock Lv2
  5 *TheOne Lv2
  6 *scupe Lv1
  6 *Ninfeta Lv1
  7 * Lv1
  7 *scope Lv1
  8 *BoPeep Lv2
  8 *Bango Lv5
  9 *IFOOD Lv3
  9 *HA5 Lv1
  10 *Poseidon Lv4
  10 *iLoVe_iSRO Lv2

Top 10 Hunter

  1 *Hunter Lv2
  1 *Hunter Lv2
  2 *MrSaint Lv3
  2 *MrSaint Lv3
  3 *Jaquar Lv3
  3 *Jaquar Lv3
  4 *AL3MED Lv3
  4 *AL3MED Lv3
  5 *Torch1299 Lv1
  5 *Torch1299 Lv1
  6 *Meliodas1299 Lv2
  6 *Meliodas1299 Lv2
  7 *PoPoClub Lv2
  7 *PoPoClub Lv2
  8 *KG_AufsMaul Lv2
  8 *KG_AufsMaul Lv2
  9 *Fire Lv1
  9 *Fire Lv1
  10 *Lord Lv3
  10 *Lord Lv3

Top 10 Thief

  1 *a7a_ Lv2
  1 *a7a_ Lv2
  2 *Babette Lv2
  2 *Babette Lv2
  3 *Chap Lv1
  3 *Chap Lv1
  4 *Chip Lv1
  4 *Chip Lv1

Job Balance

[No canvas support]


iSRO Accounts 227326
Banned Accounts 5990
Characters 201590

iSRO Rules for all Players:

  1. Botting is not allowed, bot using players will be banned permanently! AFK Keypresser aswell!
    Your mainchar can get banned if you get caught with more than 3 botchars.
  2. Please respect our Team-Members! Orders must be obeyed!
  3. Be friendly to other players! Flaming and insultions are forbidden!
  4. Use of PK-Function (Murderer Status) while Events are not allowed!
  5. Begging for Items and Events are not allowed!
  6. Advertising for other Servers and Websites is strictly forbidden, aswell spamming via Globals!
  7. .pk2 Editing for character profit (Invisible-hack, ...) are not allowed!
  8. The use of bugs is not allowed!
  9. Using MBot while PVP is forbidden!
  10. iSRO is not responsible for items that are traded for real money outside the game!
  11. Trading gold, accounts or items for real money is not allowed on iSRO!
  12. Items that exceeded the maximum increase of 20 will be resetted and the player receive an additional warning.

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